SOS: Gangsta Party | BelugaMC
Address: STR. LIPSCANI 30-34
Reservations: 0752 525 353 RO EN Facebook

SOS: Gangsta Party

Ain’t nothin’ but a gangsta party! Get ready for a new dive in the Submarine, a series of adventures that goes beyond boarders. A party with an endless feeling, underwater bullets SHOTS, dancing with the mermaids, cool bartenders and great gathering of friends united by the same desire: PARTY like there’s no tomorrow!

Our DJs will be the leaders of your dancing moves and for your restless feet. Join us in this marvel adventure and let’s hop on board of the Submarine!
☎ Bookings: 0752 525 353
🎟 Free Entrance
📍 Lipscani 30-34

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